Our Approach

Sustainable Practices

KELOLA Group is committed to using sustainable practices in every aspect and stage of the supply chain to overcome IUU fishing.

Seafood Safety and Quality

Ensuring our products are safety and have the best quality of seafood, KELOLA Group applies food safety standards such as HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000.


Traceability keeping us aware of what we consume. We provide transparent and comprehensive traceability information of our products; from the sea to the plate.

People and Communities

KELOLA Group initiates to improve the living standard of people and communities through education, social, and economic.

Integrated Partnerships

Our strategic approach is to achieve sustainable fisheries through Fishery Improvement Project partnering with associations, NGOs and stakeholders.

Our Programs

Develop Accurate

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Promote Traceability

Ensure that the origins/locations where products were purchased are known, and all coming from legal fisheries…

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Giving back their home

Exploited ocean is the biggest issue we have to face and we have to end it, now.

Digital Traceability

Overcoming IUU fishing and other sustainability issues, digital traceability is the most feasible solution.

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