Our Approach

Delivering value to achieve sustainable life

KELOLA Group initiatives to minimize the impacts of the seafood business in every aspect. Our approaches aim to enhance seafood supply chain in sustainable way.

Sustainable Practices

To overcome IUU fishing, KELOLA Group is committed in preserving the ocean and sustainability of fish resources. Always in compliance with international regulation Council Regulation (EC) No. 1005/2008 concerning “preventing, blocking and removing IUU fishing”.

Seafood Safety and Quality

As responsible seafood industry, KELOLA Group ensures the products are safety and have the best quality of seafood with food safety standards applied, such as HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000.


Traceability of the supply chain is keeping us aware of our product. KELOLA Group, through TFC, provides transparent and comprehensive information regarding traceability – from the sea to the plate.

People and Communities

KELOLA Group initiates to improve the living standard of people and communities through education, social, and economic.

Integrated Partnerships

Our strategic approach to achieve sustainable fisheries through Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) is partnering with associations, NGOs and stakeholders.